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  • E Clip Rail Fastening SystemRemark:Hardness: 44-48HRC
    Toe Load: 500-700kgf for Dia.16mm 750-900kgf for Dia.18mm 1100-1400kgf for Dia.20mm
    Fatigue life:3 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.18mm, 5 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.20mm
    Standard: DIN17221, BS970, GB/T1222
  • Nabla Clip Rail Fastening SystemType:Thickness 4mm or 4.5mm
    Material:60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA
    Finish:Plain oiled, red color painting, or the other required by customers
    Remark:Hardness: 42-47HRCFatigue life: 3 millions cycles without breaking Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
  • SKL Clip Rail Fastening System Remark:Hardness: 42-47HRC
    Fatigue test: When the clip spring deflection reaches 9.1mm and the swing deflection is 1.42mm, the fatigue life will be 5 millions cycles without breaking.
    Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
  • Fist Rail Fastening SystemThe fist rail fastening system is firstly developed in Sweden. This rail fastening system is widely used in the railroad in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia. In addition, the railroad fastener is extensively employed in South America and Australia.
  • Fast Clip Rail Fastening SystemBoth the clips and the toe insulators are installed at the parked position, where the side post insulators and pads are mechanically held in place. All the components are transported to the site. The installation of the fast clip rail fastening system is quite easy and can be conducted in different ways.
Rail Fastening System

SUYU can provide a complete set of rail fastening system of SKL14, SKL12, elastic rail clip system, and Nabal clip system. They all fit for the rail UIC 54 and UIC60. The rail basic requirement is shown below.

Item Description
Designed Speed Min 160 km/h – Max 250 km/h
Axial Load for Line 25 ton
Width 1435 mm
Line Type Single
Type of Concrete Sleeper B70
Maximum Gradient 0.6 %
Minimum Horizontal Radius 1600 m
Minimum Vertical Curvature 10.000 m
Track Width 7.20 m
Bars Type UIS 54- UIS 60 (kg/m)
Switches & Turnouts UIC
Fastening System Elastic
Electrical Insulation/Type of Energy Diesel/Electric

Adhering to our quality first policy, SUYU pays great attention to quality control management for our rail fastening system. We have been granted ISO9001-2008 certificates and have received the production license of China's Railway Ministry on railway products. We have a full set of inspection instruments to ensure all our rail fastening system are of high quality and up to customers' requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of rail fastening based in China, SUYU also produces many other railway fasteners, such as track bolt, track spike, rail anchor, fish plate, base plate, rail clip, and so on.

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