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  • Screw Spikes Rail sleeper screw spikes are used to fasten sole plates and ribbed base plates to wooden sleepers. In rail construction with the concrete sleepers, the rail sleeper screw is used in combination with a plastic dowel pressed in the concrete sleeper, indirect or direct fastenings of rails on concrete and wooden sleepers. Characteristically, the sleeper screw thread may only be produced in a hotforming operation.
  • Railroad Spikes A rail spike is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to the sleepers in track. The rail spikes are roughly chisel-shaped with a flat-edged point. The spike is driven into the sleeper with the edge against the grain, which gives greater resistance to loosening. The main function of the rail spike is to keep the rail in gauge. Rail dog spikes provide a strong, simple and inexpensive solution to securing rail track ...
  • Track Bolts Sticking to our quality first policy, SUYU pays great attention to quality control management. We have been granted ISO9001-2008 certificates and have received the production license of China's Railway Ministry on railway products. We have a full set of inspection instruments to ensure all our railway bolt products are of high quality and up to customers' requirements.
  • Rail Clips We are extremely capable of producing elastic rail clip for any type of toe load and axle load requirements to fix the rails on wooden, steel or concrete sleepers. We offer various elastic rail clip with size steel bar diameter from 12mm to 20mm. We manufacture different types of elastic rail clips with flat toe for broad gauge line, having the toe load from 850kgf to 1100kgf, and are capable of providing any type of toe load and axle load to fix the rails ...
  • Rail Cast Iron Shoulder Our rail cast iron shoulders include M.C.I. shoulder manufactured from pearlitic malleable iron and S.G.C.I. shoulder manufactured from spheroid graphite iron. We offer two types of iron shoulders. One is Single Stem Iron Shoulder used in pre-stressed concrete ties and the other is Twin Stem Iron Shoulder used in Bi-Block or Twin Block concrete ties.
  • Rail Anchors Rail anchor is manufactured in one-piece construction for spring steel or equal, heat-treated and designed to eliminate creepage of track. The rail anchors provide a large bearing surface against both rail base and tie, avoiding undo cutting and wear, thus prolonging the life of wooden ties. The rail anchors are used in 50Kg, 85Kg, 90/91LB, 115RE /136RE, UIC54 and UIC60 rail, and so on.
  • Tie Plate Tie plates are generally used to take the load of rail and distribute the load to the sleepers offering proven economies. We manufacture all types of base plates suitable for various rail sections, for use on wooden, steel or concrete sleepers and ballast-less tracks used with elastic fastenings on wooden sleepers and 'K' type fastening system.
  • Rail Washers Adhering to our quality first policy, SUYU pays great attention to quality control management. We have been granted ISO9001-2008 certificates and have received the production license of China's Railway Ministry on railway products. We have a full set of inspection instruments to ensure all our railway washer and other rail fastening are of high quality and up to customers' requirements.
  • Rail Nylon Insulator We produce E type rail insulator and guide plate for SKL rail fastening and Nabla fastening system. The material we use for rail insulator is PA66, with the color white, dark brown and black. Our rail nylon insulator is used to adjust rail gauge and insulate the rail from ties and clips.
    The material properties of PA66 are listed below.
  • Rail Pad The rail pad, originally called sole plate, is used when rail is attached to concrete, rather than timber, ties or sleepers. Rail pads function to reduce fatigue cracking of the concrete ties, believed to be driven by impact and vibration from the passing train. It is thought that the rail pads act in two ways: they diminish shock or impact loads by providing compliance, and they reduce (by isolation and perhaps by damping) resonant vibrations ...
  • Rail Plastic Dowel Rail plastic sleeve is pressed in concrete sleeper and assembled with sleeper screws, guide plates and rail clip to fix the rail. Our rail plastic sleeve is made using either HDPE or PA66 and the product color is available in white, black and dark brown.
  • Rail Fish Plate We deal in all types of fish plate, also known as joint bar, splice bar and angle bar. We have in-house rolling, forging, machining, and drilling and punching facilities to ensure accurate rail fish plate size. We have the capability to manufacture all types of rail fish plate to suit all types of rail sections, such as UIC 60, UIC 54, U33, BS 80A, BS 90A, IRS 52 KG, IRS 90 Lbs, 115 RE, 136 RE, TJ 45, TJ 37, RN 45, etc.
  • Fish BoltFish bolt are used for splice bar connections and SUYU can supply a range of fish bolts manufactured to international standards according to BS, ASTM and DIN, among others.
    Listed below are examples of some of our fish bolt manufactured over the last several years as per BS 20M, 30M, 35M, 35R, 50 O, 60A, 75R, 80R, 80A, 95RBH, and 113A; DIN S10, S14, S18, S20, S24, S30, S49, UIC54, UIC60;
  • Steel RailStandard: GB11264-89
    Size: GB6KG
    Dimension(mm): 25.4
    Weight(kg/m): 5.98
  • E Clip Rail Fastening SystemRemark:Hardness: 44-48HRC
    Toe Load: 500-700kgf for Dia.16mm 750-900kgf for Dia.18mm 1100-1400kgf for Dia.20mm
    Fatigue life:3 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.18mm, 5 millions cycles without breaking for Dia.20mm
    Standard: DIN17221, BS970, GB/T1222
  • Nabla Clip Rail Fastening SystemType:Thickness 4mm or 4.5mm
    Material:60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA
    Finish:Plain oiled, red color painting, or the other required by customers
    Remark:Hardness: 42-47HRCFatigue life: 3 millions cycles without breaking Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
  • SKL Clip Rail Fastening System Remark:Hardness: 42-47HRC
    Fatigue test: When the clip spring deflection reaches 9.1mm and the swing deflection is 1.42mm, the fatigue life will be 5 millions cycles without breaking.
    Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
  • Fist Rail Fastening SystemThe fist rail fastening system is firstly developed in Sweden. This rail fastening system is widely used in the railroad in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia. In addition, the railroad fastener is extensively employed in South America and Australia.
  • Fast Clip Rail Fastening SystemBoth the clips and the toe insulators are installed at the parked position, where the side post insulators and pads are mechanically held in place. All the components are transported to the site. The installation of the fast clip rail fastening system is quite easy and can be conducted in different ways.
  • Train WheelSUYU can offer diversified train wheels like the casting wheel and forging wheel. After a series of productive progresses, such as vacuum refining for raw material, continuous casting process, heat treatment controlled by computer, tests by advanced inspection equipment, and CNC profiling, we can offer the product with the diameter ranging from 360mm to 1250mm. The wheel is applicable to all types of railway vehicles ...
  • Train Brake SystemThe brake disc can be made of grey casting iron, forging steel or alloy steel. The product falls into categories of the wheel brake disc and the shaft brake disc and has applications on locomotive and coach. We can offer channel steel-type brake beam, composite brake beam and triangular brake beam. Also, we can design and manufacture the product according to the customers’ requirements.
  • Railway CouplingSUYU provides railway coupling system and parts by the standards of YB, AAR, and UIC. The customized coupling system solution is also available. The product has the following types.
  • Train AxleThe axle supports adopting many kinds of steel as raw material, such as, LZ50, JZ45, AAR Grade F, EA1N, EA1T, EA4T, IRS 16/95, and SFA60A. We accept axle orders of small quantity or of demanding complex designs on customized requirements. In addition to the competitive price and good sales service, we also supply quality assurance and timely technical service. Besides, our delivery lead time is short.
  • Coil Spring (Helical Suspension Spring)The yield strength and fatigue limit of the material interact with each other. Generally speaking, higher yield strength comes with higher fatigue strength. So, in order to increase the fatigue strength we should try to increase the yield strength of spring material, or to use the material with good yield strength and fatigue limit. For the same material, the coil spring with fine grain structure has higher yield strength than that with coarse grain structure.
  • Leaf Spring (Steel Parabolic Spring)With the effort of 50 technicians, SUYU develops diversified axles with different sizes and types that have various applications. Meanwhile, owing to our strict quality control system, the product enjoys high quality and a good reputation all over the world.
  • Brake Block Our cast iron brake block enjoys many advantages including hardness, impact strength and so on. It consists of two parts, the cast iron and the steel support. Both the surface and core of the cast iron have the hardness within the range of 197< HB< 255.
    When facing subsequent impacts to the brake block or brake shoe, the steel support must remain intact ...
  • Tunnel Bolt The large thread design on the socket allows the tunnel bolt to be inserted 4 to 5 times faster than traditional metric thread. The design of the threads utilizes the strength of the concrete (as the load is transmitted through the concrete) therefore not relying on the strength of the plastic. This tunnel bolt is available in any length, grade, and finish to suit customer requirements.

SUYU is a rail fastener manufacturer in China. Our railway fasteners include rail screw, rail spike, railway bolt, elastic rail clip, railway washer, and rail clip as well as rail fish plate, etc.