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Train Axle

1. The train axle is of good quality. Owing to advanced inspection equipment, we can carry out many tests.
1) Chemical Analysis
2) Metallographic Analysis
3) Mechanical Analysis
4) Ultrasonic Testing
5) Magnetic Testing
6) Impact Testing
7) Hardness Testing
8) Surface Quality

2. The axle conforms to every recognized international quality standard listed as below. The product can also be made on customer's requirements.
1) TB/T 2945
2) CME-1
3) AAR M-101
4) JIS E 4502
5) UIC 811-1
6) GMRT 2466
7) EN 13261
8) IRS 16/95
9) BS 5892 PART1

3. The axle supports adopting many kinds of steel as raw material, such as, LZ50, JZ45, AAR Grade F, EA1N, EA1T, EA4T, IRS 16/95, and SFA60A.

4. We accept axle orders of small quantity or of demanding complex designs on customized requirements.

5. In addition to the competitive price and good sales service, we also supply quality assurance and timely technical service. Besides, our delivery lead time is short.

6. The axle production contains the following processes.
1) Billet steel inspection
2) Cutting, heating
3) Forging
4) Straightening
5) Heat treatment
6) Sampling test
7) Ultrasonic inspection
8) Rough machining
9) Finish machining
10) Grinding
11) Magnetic particle testing
12) Packing

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