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Testing Equipment

  • 100T-style OSD Electro-hydraulic Automatic Universal Testing Machine
  • 100T-style OSD Electro-hydraulic Automatic Universal Testing Machine
  • Automatic Impact Testing Machine

  • Brinell Hardness Tester

  • Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Fatigue Testing Assembly Machine
  • Automatic High-speed Analyzer
  • Magnetic Detector
  • Metallographic Microscope
  • Metallographic Specimen Pointing Machine
  • Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine
  • Rockwell Hardness Machine
  • Sample-gap Electric Broaching Machine
  • Spectrum Analyzer

  • The Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine
  • Two-Speed Metallographic Specimen Grinding and Polishing Machine
  • Vickers Hardness Machine

  • Video Measuring Instrument

  • WA-D 100T On-screen Electro-hydraulic Universal Tester

  • WE-600B Universal Material Testing Machine
  • Flaw detector
  • Magnetoresistance thickness gauge
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Tensile testing machine
Main Products
  • Rail Clips We are extremely capable of producing elastic rail clip for any type of toe load and axle load requirements ...
  • Rail Nylon Insulator We produce E type rail insulator and guide plate for SKL rail fastening and Nabla fastening system.